fill unique niche commercialization needs for growth oriented, disruptive technologies


CADUCEUS (pronounced "cah -doo -sus"), offers niche medical technology commercialization services, for all stages of the medical innovation product development process. We have a global network of commercialization experts in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East, eager to assist with product development, clinical trials, and start-up operations.We also have access to European distribution and licensing networks.

We are eager to assist international companies seeking expansion plans into the U.S.A. for life science or any industry.
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What we do Strategic problem solving
We validate technologies, and assist industry, scientist and engineers with product development guidance, commercialization services, preparation for funding, and start-up assistance, to bring their new technologies into the real world where they will advance science, medicine, improve outcomes, and the quality of life.
Product development services
We understand the complexities of the health care market,. We can work with: Physicians, hospitals, engineers, scientists and the investors.
We are pro-active and understand strategic start-up decisions. We are "BIG PICTURE" focused; all decisions are strategic and no decision is considered small. We define corporate strategies and prioritize milestones while always focusing on our exit strategy and how we can increase the valuation of the company. Our principal has held dual careers an been licensed in both medicine and finance, thereby able to interface well with your team and investors.
We provide numerous Executive Operational services
As a valued international partner for global start-ups, we provide Executive Operations assisting incubators, universities, and Industry. We provide U.S.A. and European market analysis, competitive analysis, and technology assessments. Although CADUCEUS focuses primarily on medical devices and all life sciences, we also assist in other industries. The commercialization path is the same: Idea-> Patent -> Prototype -> Funding -> Testing -> Proof of Concept, more funding, -> Validation -> more funding, Manufacturing -> Market and EXIT; regardless of product or country of origin.
CADUCEUS has a long history working with and for investors. We know and understand them well. We also work in confidence with investors evaluating management or technologies. CADUCEUS also translates and refines technical data into high impact investor quality Business Plans, Executive Summaries and presentation materials. We make sure your investor package is understandable, clearly defines your technology, captures investor's interest, and includes key information investors expect to see. We partner with highly respected industry specialist, and in some cases strategic alliances, in the USA and across the globe. We can assist with prototype needs or clinical trials for both FDA and CE approval.